RFID Reader


 Product Appearance
 RFID Specification


 EPC global UHF Class1 Gen2
 ISO 18000-6C
 ISO 18000-6B



 Supported Regions

 US, Canada and other regions following U.S. FCC
 Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208
 China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia

 Output Power


 Output Power Precision
 ± 1dB
 Output Power Flatness
 ± 0.2dB
 Receive Sensitivity
 < -85dBm
 Peak Inventory Speed
 > 700 tags/sec
 Tag Buffer Capacity
 1000 tags @ 96-bit EPC
 Antenna Detector
 Antenna Temp. Monitor
 Host Communication
 RS-232 or TCP/IP
 2 inputs optical coupling, 2 outputs optical coupling
 Max Baud Rate
 115,200 bps

 Physical Specification

 Dimensions (L x W x H)
 230 x 160 x 28 mm


 1.8 kg

 Body Materials

 Die-cast aluminum

 Operating Temperature
 -20 to +55

 Storage Temperature

 -20 to +85


 < 95% RH

 Heat Dissipation

 Air cooling

 Electrical Specification

 Input Voltage

 DC 12-18V

 Standby Mode Current

 < 30mA

 Sleep Mode Current

 < 100uA

 Max. Operating Current

 600mA ±5% @ DC 12V input